• Scandinavian styled camping caravan

    Scandinavian styled camping caravan

    If a tent is not enough for you for those long summer days take a look at this cozy Scandinavian styled caravan. It is decorated by a Dutch family and it is their summer home at Lake Veluwemee. ❤ Jelanie via Planete Deco
  • Hotel Dom and life in The Netherlands

    Hotel Dom and life in The Netherlands

    Have you been to The Netherlands? If you are near Utrecht you can stay at Hotel Dom, nominated for "Best Interior Design 2011" by VENUEZ magazine. Hotel DOM is just around the corner from the famous Cathedral of Utrecht. The exterior is combined with modern private rooms and suites and each of them is uniquely decorated. That reminds me of a hilarious list I found via Perfect Living: You know you’ve been in The Netherlands for too long when… 1/...
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