• Honeymoon by Katrin Coetzer

    Honeymoon by Katrin Coetzer

      Honeymoon is the latest exhibition of Katrin Coetzer, a Cape Town based artist at Salon91 in Kloof Street.   "Honeymoon marks a personal current period in artist Katrin Coetzer’s life, where she is forging a connection between her inner world and the geographical spaces she visits – real, imaginary and remembered. Honeymoon further references a waning sweetness and suggests the meeting point of fantasy, place and memory. The...
  • Classic muscle cars paintings by Cheryl Kelley

    Classic muscle cars paintings by Cheryl Kelley

    Stunning photorealistic high-gloss oil paintings of classic muscle cars by Cheryl Kelley. ''These big engine cars, seemingly fuelled by raw testosterone, were ironically most definitely feminine in form. As a twentieth century American icon, the muscle car is remembered for its speed and power. My paintings are about the feminine sensuality of the surfaces, the Mel Ramos-like perfection of female form''.  Cheryl Kelley ❤ Jelanie via Yatzer...
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