• The white dream house

    The white dream house

    The owners of this house in South Africa say that light and beauty are essential for them. In the process of renovation, they torn down the walls, so the sunlight could get in. The result of their bravery is outstanding. Now no matter where you sit in the house you can see the sky. Sounds like a dream house! ❤ Jelanie (via klikk, photography Greg Cox-HogL/House of Pictures)
  • Lily Collins as Audrey Hepburn

    Lily Collins as Audrey Hepburn

    This lovely girl sure looks like she came out from the classic movie Roman Holiday. Lily Collins is Phil Collins' daughter and a rising actress. She recently won the role of Snow White. Who could have known that Phil Collins had such a good genes! ❤ Jelanie (via Sarah Klassen of Haute Design, photography Tatler magazine, June 2011, by Robert Erdmann)
  • The passion plan from Kalle Gustafsson

    The passion plan from Kalle Gustafsson

    Another lovely set from the photographer Kalle Gustafsson. I wish I could lay in those romantic fields all summer. Love is enough! ❤ Jelanie (photography Kalle Gustafsson)
  • Speakeasy from photographer Kalle Gustafsson

    Speakeasy from photographer Kalle Gustafsson

    Looking through these gorgeous images, I feel I'm in the 60s. To me 60s are the years that fashion gave us its most precious style. These treasures are taken by the Swedish photographer Kalle Gustafsson. The only downside is that those days they were smoking too much. ❤ Jelanie (via La Maison d'Anna G. photography Kalle Gustafsson)
  • Welcome to the Jelanie shop blog

    Welcome to the Jelanie shop blog

    The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart. Everyday at Jelanie we are discovering unique lifestyle products. However we want to share with you only those which touched our heart. Our inner goal is to spread those beautiful products and to make your everyday life full of joy! So let the fun begin! PS  Our shop Jelanie will...
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