• Speakeasy from photographer Kalle Gustafsson

    Speakeasy from photographer Kalle Gustafsson

    Looking through these gorgeous images, I feel I'm in the 60s. To me 60s are the years that fashion gave us its most precious style. These treasures are taken by the Swedish photographer Kalle Gustafsson. The only downside is that those days they were smoking too much. ❤ Jelanie (via La Maison d'Anna G. photography Kalle Gustafsson)
  • Welcome to the Jelanie shop blog

    Welcome to the Jelanie shop blog

    The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart. Everyday at Jelanie we are discovering unique lifestyle products. However we want to share with you only those which touched our heart. Our inner goal is to spread those beautiful products and to make your everyday life full of joy! So let the fun begin! PS  Our shop Jelanie will...
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