Riceananas Mini Plush Toy Yellow
Riceananas is one totally tropical toy! This spiky little pineapple is ready for some fun in the sun but don’t worry, he’s happy to chill out indoors too. Riceananas has bright yellow super soft fur, an embroidered body and face...
Riceapple Mini Plush Toy Green
A Riceapple a day keeps the doctor away! This fresh little apple is a perfect way to add some fun and all round good vibes into your day. Riceapple mini plush toy has bright green super soft fur, a cute...
Ricedapper Face Mask
Have fun and stay safe with Noodoll's Ricedapper mustache face masks for children and adults. These reusable, washable (and super duper cute) face masks have triple-layered construction. Made from 100% cotton with internal non-woven fabric for extra protection, they help look after you and...
Ricelemon Mini Plush Toy Yellow
Ricelemon can come across a little sour, but if you can get past their bitter exterior you'll find a sweet fruit underneath. This funny fruit has a yellow long-haired body, a big green leaf for hair, a cute embroidered face,...
Riceless Plush Toy
Riceless just can’t be bothered… with anything. He even finds it hard to move his long arms around. This lazy sloth has extra long grey fur and velcro on his hands so he can hang anywhere he likes.--Riceless is part of...
Riceslow Plush Toy
Riceslow is the slowest Ricemonster in town. He has no concept of time so he is always late. He also loves to practice yoga and meditation. This zen sloth has extra long white fur and velcro on his hands so he...
Ricesunshine Music Mobile
The music mobile Ricesunshine by Noodoll is a smiling sun that loves warming us up with its golden sunbeams. It has a fluffy yellow body, orange rays, and a cute embroidered face. When you pull the moon, it plays a soft melody,...
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