Mix the miniature vases with the large vases of the series or let them shine on their own in a small design tableau.

Omaggio vases are a fantastic opportunity to give your home a touch of timelessness. You can sense the artist who painted them – you can follow the stroke of the brush across the ceramics, which shows the unbroken ties to craftsmanship over the years.

Mix and match all the elements from the Omaggio series in the colours you like the most and let them supplement your personal style of décor. 

The collection is available in the quite stringent black/white design as well as in various light and bright colours brimming of stylish and contemporary colour exuberance. 

Omaggio is designed in a stringent and stylish idiom with the distinctive, hand-painted brushstrokes as a contrast to the clean lines. The simple and classic design of Omaggio continues the strong Danish ceramics tradition. Kähler, in particular, has been known to uphold this tradition for many years, and the Omaggio series is the perfect way of showing classic ceramics in a contemporary design.

Omaggio Miniature Vase Black, Rose, Light Green 3-Pack

By Kähler Design

The smallest vase of the Omaggio series measures just 8 centimetres and is therefore ideal for small, light spring flowers from the forest or garden. The hand-painted stripes are available in lively colours in the form of dreamy old rose and fresh light green. The two summer colours are tied together by the iconic black stripe, characterising the Omaggio series.

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Height 80 mm
Width 50 mm
Material Ceramic

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