Muuto recommends not building COMPILE systems higher than 2,25 meters, as long as they are mounted to a wall using brackets.

Single shelf - Length: 120 cm, Depth: 42 cm, Usable storage surface: 115 x 40 cm. 
Configuration 1 - Width: 121 cm, Height: 67.5 cm 
Configuration 2 - Width: 121 cm, Height: 78 cm 
Configuration 3 - Width: 121 cm, Height: 151 cm 
Configuration 4 - Width: 121 cm, Height: 183 cm 
Configuration 5 - Width: 244.5 cm, Height: 67.5 cm 
Configuration 6 - Width: 244.5 cm, Height: 78 cm 
Configuration 7 - Width: 244.5 cm, Height: 151 cm 
Configuration 8 - Width: 244.5 cm, Height: 183 cm 

CECILIE MANZ ON THE DESIGN “Storage is important because it is so universal: everybody needs good solutions. The inspiration for the assignment was indeed the everyday storage situation. The design, with its logical construction, parallels to a certain degree an unpretentious Scandinavian lifestyle - one shelf represents one building unit while the length of the tube defines the shelf height. In this simple way one can assemble practical formations that fit individual needs - Compile should reflect and accommodate to the life it is a part of.”

Compile shelving system

By Muuto

The simple design of Muuto’s Compile Shelving System allows a number of possible modifications. The system can be configured as desired to fit your needs. The construction is from shelves made from laser cut steel sheets and three heights of dividing tubes. The sheets are bent to form and coated with matt coating which makes the surface fingerprint-insensitive.

This product is available for delivery within 4-6 weeks.


Material Powder coated steel

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