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The height of H wardrobe matches exactly the height of Rafa-kids F bunk bed. It is not a coincidence. The 160cm is a good height to still reach the top, put a basket or a ball away. The wardrobe is comfortably 60cm deep and 120cm wide. Divided into two equal sections it features a rail to hang clothes, two deep soft-closing drawers, and plenty of shelf space. Sliding doors are extremely functional and require no extra space in front. One of the sliding doors has shelves resembling Rafa-kids XL shelf. A fantastic feature transforming the wardrobe into display furniture for your child’s next day outfit or any other favorite collections.

And you will not believe this – all connectors are preassembled. No more pain with looking for screws to assemble your dream furniture!

The product is shipped by the manufacturer.

H Wardrobe

By Rafa Kids

The new Rafa-kids H wardrobe is the perfect storage furniture for your toddler’s or even teenager’s room. Made of high-quality materials and beautiful details the H wardrobe is just big enough to make the perfect functional fit to any modern home. It has two sliding doors which save space, as well drawers, shelves and clothes rack for hanging clothes. One of the doors is also a shelve.


This product is available for delivery within 4-6 weeks.


Height 162 cm
Width 120 cm
Depth 60 cm
Size Drawers: 48cm wide, 50cm deep, 12cm high
Material Finnish Birch plywood, certified mdf and particle board Finish: Frame finished with 2 layers of transparent lacquer. Main body finished with durable white or black laminate.

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