Take the tray into the kitchen and fill it with coffee and lovely cakes, bring it back, and place it on top of the table. Ready. Set. Cosy.

Danish designer Signe Hytte explains, ”I wanted to create a small side table, which also had a function. I like the idea that you can take off the tray and stillhave a fully functional table. The tray is part of the table’s narrative and identity,but at the same time the table can easily function without the tray.”

From the beginning of the design process she worked with the idea of creating a table with different expressions. She succeeded. Uncover has three different looks: one without the tray and two different looks with the tray on - depending on which side is facing up.

She elaborates, “I often work with hidden or surprising details. I like that the table can change from being very neutral and simple to something much more expressive and elegant, when the metal side of the tray is visible. This surprising element has been a fundamental and essential element from the start of the project.”

Uncover Table

By Menu

Uncover is a small side table with a removable and reversible tray. The tray has wood on one side and bright shiny metal on the other, so you get 3 different looks and expressions in one table. 1 without the tray where the table is fully functional and 2 different ones depending on which side of the tray is up.

This product is available for delivery within 4-6 weeks.


Height 47 cm
Ø 50 cm
Material Ash

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