Jonas Wagell on his tea set design "Bulky has a colorful and expressive design with slightly oversized details. Its playful form is inspired by fairy tales and children’s story books where things and shapes were exaggerated and emphasized to fit a kid’s wild imagination. The name Bulky further underlines the over-dimensioned and friendly proportions of the tea set.”

Having graduated from Konstfack in 2007, Jonas Wagell is one of Sweden’s most promising designers. He has also been named as one of the ”World’s hottest young architects” by Wallpaper

My design is focused on functional items rather than artistic objects. I appreciate products that can be used every day and be part of people’s lives. I believe affection and emotion is more important than exclusivity and expensive materials. My aim is to create simplistic objects that are easy to understand and use, but try to add something warm and human - a certain character or personal DNA, if you will. I like to call this philosophy generous minimalism.

Nordic design is rooted in social values about functionality and accessibility for all. Simplistic materials and moderate forms reflect the Nordic soul. This is the heritage of New Nordic which evolves with contemporary influences into a collection of future classics.

Bulky Sugar bowl

By Muuto

Muuto’s Bulky Series also includes the hand polished porcelain Sugar Pot. The playful yet sleek silhouette will instantly make you think of a fairy tale. Match it with the teapot, tea cups and cookie jar from the same series.

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Height 12.5 cm
Depth 10.2 cm
Length 10.2 cm
Material Porcelain

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