The small, white plate from Kähler's Hammershøi series is the perfect dessert or lunch plate. Or perhaps even as the backdrop for coffee sweets.

The medium plate is the perfect choice for a delicious lunch table or for a beautiful presentation of a special first course.

The elegant large plate adds a beautiful detail to your dinner table and may serve as the finishing touch to the festive table on special occasions.

Hammershøi is timeless tableware that can be collected and enjoyed for the rest of your life.

Designed by: Hans-Christian Bauer

Hammershøi Plate

By Kähler Design

Kähler's Hammershøi tableware is perfect for everyday use and festive occasions. The stunning tableware is lifted a trifle from the table to make the ceramics appear stable with a slightly hovering elegance. The plate is available in three sizes, allowing you to compose your own tableware. You can also match with the other Hammershøi elements like the grinder and the cup.

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Width Small: 19 cm; Medium: 22 cm; Large: 27 cm
Material Ceramic