FORM US WITH LOVE is a multidisciplinary design and interior architecture studio from Stockholm. Their work has been awarded with several prestigious awards such as the Red Dot and the Young Swedish design award. Further accrediting the trio are successful exhibitions at venues like MoMA and the Swedish National Gallery.

We are driven by an idea focused approach to design where experimentation and cross border projects are encouraged. Important aspects of our philosophy include durability, curiosity and humanism.


We are hopelessly influenced by our strong design heritage of course, but at the same time we are utterly tired of it. The result is some kind of tweaked functionalism. This is perhaps what shows in a lot of young Scandinavian designers' work today. It's great to see so much creativity spire among the young Nordic design community, with an ambition to investigate new genres, materials and expressions.

Unfold Lamp

By Muuto

Form us with love on the design “The industry lamp is a classic design that we are excited to provide a new perspective on. The soft silicone rubber gives Unfold a modern and warm personality. It also enables the lamp to be folded into a neat package by a slight push on the top. Just open and unfold your new lamp.” 


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Height 29.5 cm
Ø 32.5 cm
Length Cable length 3.4 m
Material silicone rubber

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