Designer Boris Berlin has spend a lot of time working with PET felt and he and Poul Christiansen (Komplot Design) were the first designers who managed to transform this fascinating material into a chair: the Nobody Chair who (amongst many other awards) received the Crafts and Design Biennial 2007 Prize at Koldinghus in Denmark.

PET felt is 100% recyclable material produced mainly of used soda/water bottles, and the fascination of PET felt is still very much vibrant at ISKOS-BERLIN. We’re very excited to collaborate with these two fine designers on the big, lovely Dancing Pendant.

ISKOS — BERLIN is based in Copenhagen and works within the fields of industrial, furniture and graphic design. Since 2010 this has been the formal partnership between designers Boris Berlin and Aleksej Iskos.

Designers Iskos and Berlin, “We see design as an art of storytelling. This story is normally quite complex, consisting of semantics, morphology, materiality, technology of objects and many other elements. But the clearer your story is the more likely people are to understand it. The more surprising you make your story, the more likely they are to remember it. And finally the more you make people smile - the more likely they are to love it!”“

At ISKOS — BERLIN, we look to experiment with new technologies and materials, to explore their impact on everyday objects. These objects have their own individual stories, which are also part of wider narratives of the way we interact and think with things. By allowing the materials to choose their own direction, to speak for themselves, we try to bring a novel twist to this on-going (and un-ending) story”.

Dancing Pendant

By Menu

Dancing Pendant by Menu looks like a skirt in the wind. It is made of 100% recyclable material produced mainly of used water bottles. Dancing pendant is designed by Copenhagen based designers Iskos Berlin.

This product is available for delivery within 6-8 weeks.


Color Off White
Height 58 cm
Ø 95 cm
Material PET felt

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