A problem solver by both nature and training, Johan Van Hengel’s logical and investigative approach is driven by a desire to enrich everyday objects with new layers of sophistication, individuality and meaning. With a focus on function, materiality and technique, Van Hengel invests everyday shapes and objects with a subtle element of surprise.

"Inspired by the shadow-play of layers, FOLDED is based on a seemingly simple bending technique of a single sheet of metal to create pockets which hold and separate your items. Featuring a subtle bolt and hooks for hanging objects, it is a versatile wall mount that can be used in both a practical and a decorative manner - suitable for organizing anything from mail to books, perfumes or spices, or just displaying your favorite belongings, in the hallway, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen."

Folded Shelves

By Muuto

Steel shelf for mounting on wall. Each shelf come with two bolts for mounting and two hooks. The shelves are practical and aesthetically pleasing - ideal for use as a nightstand, in the bathroom, hallway, kitchen, office, etc.

This product is available for delivery within 4 to 6 weeks.


Height Large:13 cm, Medium: 16,5 cm, Small: 22 cm
Depth Large: 11,4 cm, Medium: 12,4 cm , Small: 6,9 cm
Length Large: 96 cm, Medium: 63 cm , Small: 51 cm
Material Acrylic powder coated bended 1.5 mm sheet of steel

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