84,5% green tea, 15% peppermint, natural flavoring.

Nicolas Vahé developed a wide choice of gourmet products made on the basis of a strong philosophy and a preference for food and raw materials of quality.

Nicolas Vahé makes it a point of honor to create products of excellent raw materials and that the quality is perfect. They create astonishing taste experiences and combine ingredients you cannot find elsewhere.

A Nicolas Vahé product will always provide you with an experience outside the usual - both regarding ingredients and packaging which are essential parts of the experience. The products tell a story, create an atmosphere and make sense in a daily routine of cooking.

Green Tea, Moroccan Mint

By Nicolas Vahé

Experiencing different flavors is a ticket for a journey around the world! Make Morocco your next destination with the Green Tea - Moroccan Mint by Nicolas Vahé! The widely consumed mint tea is perceived as the drink of friendship and hospitality by the locals. So give yourself a fresh start in the morning and enjoy the countless health benefits of this green tea.

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Weight 100 gr

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