45% white tea, 42% green tea, flavoring, 3% coconut flakes, sunflower petals, 2% passion fruit granulate (glucose syrup, concentrated passion fruit juice, apricot purée, modified starch, thickener (sodium alginate)).

Nicolas Vahé developed a wide choice of gourmet products made on the basis of a strong philosophy and a preference for food and raw materials of quality.

Nicolas Vahé makes it a point of honor to create products of excellent raw materials and that the quality is perfect. They create astonishing taste experiences and combine ingredients you cannot find elsewhere.

A Nicolas Vahé product will always provide you with an experience outside the usual - both regarding ingredients and packaging which are essential parts of the experience. The products tell a story, create an atmosphere and make sense in a daily routine of cooking.

White Tea, Coconut & Passion

By Nicolas Vahé

When it comes to tea, it’s all about flavor. Nicolas Vahé’s blend of white tea, coconut flakes, and granules from passionfruit will definitely bring you on an exotic journey! As white tea has a subtle flavor it can be consumed without sweeteners and will go perfectly with a light snack. To fully obtain its ideal taste, pour 70°C hot water over the tea and leave it for about 2-4 minutes.

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Weight 100 gr

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