The best way to mount your Dots depends on the type of wall it is being attached to. If a wall plug is required, it is vital that you find one that fits both the screw and the wall material. If in doubt, ask for advice in your local hardware store. They will be able to assist you in finding the right wall plug and screw.

The Dots Coat Hook Walnut

By Muuto

Designer Lars Tornøe "This characterful little family of hooks is a friendly addition to any wall. 
The Dots will let you arrange them on your wall in the pattern you like. Being a very social set of hooks, The Dots love to welcome other Dots to join them on the wall. The only thing The Dots demand from you is that you uncover them every now and then and admire their shape and material"

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Ø Large: 170 mm, Medium: 130 mm, Small: 90 mm

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