Suitable for hot and cold liquids.

Cleaning instructions
Clean with sponge and water. Dishwasher approved.

Liquid stoneware clay is poured into plaster molds in which the Tub Jug is molded. The design is then polished with a wet sponge and fired at 1000° Celsius. After firing, the Tub Jug is dipped in a water-based solution that contains the color mixture, following which it is placed in the kiln again, this time at 1100° Celsius. 

Designed by Atelier BL119

Atelier BL119, founded in 2007 by Grégory Blain and Hervé Dixneuf, is a design studio focusing on industrial and spatial design. The studio’s Blain and Dixneuf have a pragmatic approach to design, with an aim to create useful objects that are aesthetically unique and unexpected. Atelier BL119 is based in Saint-Étienne, France.


Tub Jug

By Muuto

Muuto’s Tub Jug brings a new interpretation to the traditional table jug. Inspired by the look of a fuel container, the Tub Jug takes an industrial expression on the design. The contemporary form of the carafe is made of stoneware with glaze. The angled handle and the wide opening make it a useful object either used as a carafe, watering can or a vase.

This product is available for delivery within 4-6 weeks.


Height 23,9 cm
Width 15,5 cm
Depth 7,1 cm
Material Stoneware with glaze

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