15 Scandinavian Living Rooms for Nordic inspired Design


Scandinavian design is one that appeals to numerous customers all over the world. People outside the Nordic countries have also fallen in love with this type of minimalist and stylish interior design. However, it may be difficult to achieve this look and you might not know where to start. This is why we have prepared some inspiration ideas to help you start your Scandi-style journey starting with the living room.

The living room is the most important room in a home - this is the place where we spend most of our time. Therefore, you need a beautiful and comfortable sofa, some accent chairs and last, but not least, a coffee table for a good start of the day. Check out our ideas for a Nordic-style living room to get inspired!

Scandinavian Living Room

Scandinavian decor focuses on purposeful and functional decoration. Every single piece of furniture has its specific use and aim. Nordic style does not really allow creativity and frivolity. The design is simple and incorporates all Scandi design principles. 

Take a look at our Nordic-inspired living room ideas to get a sense of what furniture and decoration you need

Light & Stylish

One of the traits of Scandinavian design is simplicity. The white and grey colors manage to create a combination of a simple and airy environment. The room looks stylish and spacious. 

If you think you might get lost in the light colors, try to add some accents such as a navy blue armchair or a yellow pillowcase. 

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Balloon Chandelier

Since minimalism is one of the main principles of a Nordic-style living room, adding a balloon chandelier as an accessory in a spacious room Simple furniture combined with the beauty of the chandelier represent the Scandinavian design and lifestyle. 

Bold Monochrome

Combining only two colors in the design of a room is very frequently seen in Scandinavian design. This represents the simplicity of the spacious room. However, you need to be careful with the dominance of the colors. For example, if you use black and white, you need to make sure that the black does not put the white color in a shadow. Balance is the key.

Check out Muuto’s design example to get some ideas of contrasting colors!

Scandinavian design by Muuto

Artsy Style

Adding some black & white art to your Nordic-style living room will place an accent on the simplicity of the design. The paintings can serve as decorations to the wall. They bring a pleasant mix of grey and pastel colors. Add a sofa or an armchair with a contrasting color and your Nordic living room will be fully designed! 

Right Lighting

Having the right lighting in your Scandinavian home is a must for preserving the principles of the interior. A perfectly lit room brightens the space and makes it ideal for relaxing. Using a variety of sources of lighting is a good way to reach a greater level of lighting and create a soothing experience.The neutral colors blend perfectly with the light which creates a truly Scandinavian style of living!

Check out our collections of lighting to achieve the look below!

Lighting by Muuto


Add Greenery

In order to spice up the minimalist look of your living room, adding some greenery can be a great idea. A plant in the corner of your light and airy room can add some freshness to the interior and brighten up the space.

Dark-color Palette

Despite the fact that most Scandinavian rooms use light colors, you can also try to utilize the dark colors in your living room. Black paint also gives the room a sophisticated look. You need to maintain the lines and all the other accessories within the space.

Mid-Century Themes

Scandinavian design has some differences with the mid-century modern one. However, they also have some vague similarities. The clean lines in a room work very well together with the modern furniture. Overall, both styles are minimalist and designed with a lot of thought and intention.

Modern Chevron Rug

A Scandinavian room needs some important finishing touches for an incredible look. One of them is definitely the chevron rug with a triangle pattern. It adds a modern touch to your beautiful Nordic-style living room. Make sure that you arrange the item in the right way since functionality and simplicity matter most.

Our collections of rugs deliver high quality and beautiful interior! 

Rug by Muuto

Modern Art Coffee Table

Adding a coffee table is a great accent for your living room. It adds comfort and functionality to the overall design of the place. You can place a vase on top with flower stems in groups of odd numbers - 3,5,7!

Check out our collections of coffee tables and find the right one!

Coffe table by Normann Copenhagen

Scandia’s Stools

The Scandi style has some Americanized features added to it that you can’t help but fall in love with. For instance, adding a stool is a great accent for the design of the room and an amazing way to fill up the space.

Check out our stools and benches and find the right one for your Nordic-style living room!

Stools by Muuto

Colorful Throw Pillows

Different colored pillows are a great accent to your Scandi living room. Pink or blue throw pillows tossed on the sofa add a casual yet minimalist and sophisticated look. 

In order to find the right addition for your sofa, check out Scandia’s collections of pillows!

Pillows by Muuto

Light colored Sofa

Since Scandinavian room design is inspired by light colors, you can try to combine a white coffee table, beige walls and a light colored sofa with an accent of a black floor lamp. 

Scandia’s collections of sofas can help you deliver the quality and look you have always desired!

Rope sofa by Normann Copenhagen

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