1. The administrator of your data
As a user of our Website, you have the right for your personal data to be protected. As stated above, Scandia Ltd. is a data administrator and is responsible for its obligations to ensure the lawful processing of your personal data and the privacy of your privacy. In this regard, any personal data you provide in connection with the use of the services provided through the Website will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the applicable data protection legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria. The basic principle we maintain in maintaining and administering the Website is to require only the information (data) that we need to provide the services you request and fulfill your orders in protecting and safeguarding your interests as users and by personal data subjects.

2. Data that we process
When using the Website, we collect information about you, part of which itself has the character of "personal data" and another part that can be qualified as "personal data" only and only when processed in combination with other information about You collected in connection with the operation of the Website. Personal data we process (including collected and stored) when registering for services provided through the Website include all or part of the specified data: name (personal name and surname), email, address, telephone - minimum amount and type of information that we need so that we can provide the services you choose. By using the Website other than the information mentioned in the previous sentence, we also process other data that shows your user interest and behavior. These other data are processed in relation to your behavior as a user of the Website (product data, periodic order data, your order history, the history of your visits to the Website, loyalty points and / of the Website and the adequate provision of the services you provide through the Website (cookies and other technical data, recording on your device through which you access the browser in which the Website operates). and specifically include the following information:

information about your browser
information obtained from cookies
use of pixel tags and other technologies
demographic information and other information provided by you
summary of the use of the website.
We and our third-party service providers can obtain these other data in different ways, including:

Through your Internet browser: Most websites collect a certain type of information, such as your IP address (ie your internet address), screen resolution, type of operating system (Windows or Mac) and version, type and version the Internet browser, the time of the page (pages) visit. We use this information for purposes such as calculating the level of attendance on our website, diagnosing server issues, and managing the website.
Using Cookies. Cookies are pieces of information that is stored directly on the computer you are using and the storage period is limited to a certain period of time or to the Internet session of the browser (except for cookies) if there are no different personal security settings for the browser you are using). These files allow us to recognize your computer and collect information such as browser type, time spent on the website, visited pages, language preferences, and country on the website. We may use the information for security purposes, to facilitate navigation, to provide more effective information, to personalize the interface during your visit to the website, or to collect statistical information on the use of our website. These files also let us show you ads or offers that you'll most likely like. We may still use cookies to track your responses to our ads, and to use cookies or other files to track how you use other websites.
Below is a description of the cookies we use on our website, what their function is, what data they collect and how we use them.

Geo Location cookies - When a user visits the Web site for the first time, we rely on his location from his IP address and we use this information to determine which country the user would like to visit the website. But this method is not entirely accurate, so when the user chooses to visit a country's website, we use the cookies to save this information and the language he chooses to view the website. The next time the user visits the website, we read the cookies and provide access to the website for the country and language that the user visited the last time. This is done to ensure that users do not have to choose the country they want to look at the website again. When using cookies, personal data is not collected or used.
"Google Analytics Cookies" - When a user visits the Web site, we use these files primarily to identify the user.
Affiliate cookie - We use cookie files to track the pixels that files are placed on the visitor's computer and collect information only on the transaction identification (showing from which partner site the user came), such as mark the relevant time and date. This allows our affiliate network to track partner sales and ensure that a sale that is made to us is due to a particular partner. The use of these files does not involve the transfer of personal data.
"Facebook Cookies" - We use these files only after you have explicitly agreed to and have accepted our notice on the Cookies Website. With these files, we provide you with the ability to share information, post on the Social Networks site, and share it with your friends.
You can request that you refuse to receive cookies from your browser settings. But if you do not accept the use of these cookies, you may experience some inconvenience with the use of the Website and some online products.

Use of pixel tags, alert web alerts, transparent gif images and other related technologies: In connection with some of our website pages, with e-mail messages in html format for tracking user actions on the website and email recipients, to measure the success of our marketing campaigns and to collect statistics on the use of our website and the frequency of responses, other methods may be used.

We use Google Analytics services that use cookies and warning alerts to help us understand more about how our website is being used by users to improve it. For more information about Google Analytics, visit: https://developers.google.com/analytics/.

Please note that we may use and disclose the above other data for any purpose except in cases where we are not entitled to do so under applicable law. We would like to inform you that these other data do not have the personal data in isolation, but if we need to treat these data as personal data under the applicable legislation, then, in addition to the types of use listed above, we we will process these other data for all purposes for which we can process and disclose personal information about you (your data).

We would like to inform you explicitly that by requesting the "Newsletter" service you consent to the personal data provided when you activate this service to be used for the purposes of direct marketing - as long as the content of the sent newsletters is commercial message within the meaning of the Electronic Commerce Act and essentially represent a representation of the goods offered on the Website and of the services provided for advertising and commercial purposes. You have the right, at any time and free of charge, to opt out of the "Newsletter" service or to refuse the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. The exercise of this right is exercised by the order specified in the newsletter or by sending an e-mail to us via the contact form on the Website.

3. How we process your data
We process all your personal data on a legal basis. This right is subject to the fact that the provision of the services you provide through the Website requires and is directly related to the processing of the above information for you (hereinafter referred to as "your data" in general). On this processing ground, we are entitled to provide, disclose or transmit your data to third parties - our partners (such as courier companies supplying goods you ordered, other persons having the quality of processing personal data to which we have outsourced of activities directly related to the performance of our business or the operation / functioning of the Website - such as accountants, lawyers, hosting companies, technical support companies, etc.). In the event that you have explicitly agreed to process your data for direct marketing purposes, we will be entitled to provide, disclose or transmit your relevant data to third parties and for the purposes of direct marketing.

The purposes for which we process your data are determined by the nature of the service you have requested and by the need to accurately, adequately and timely execute our engagement with you as a user on the Website. We use your data to provide you with goods of interest to you in order to communicate with you in connection with the execution of your orders or the exercise of your rights as a user and as a data subject in order to provide you with quality, accurate and professional service and delivery of the goods on your orders to customize the interface of the Website, providing you with information in the appropriate language and advertisements tailored to your interest in order to participate in races, raffles and the like promotions and manage these activities (sometimes subject to additional special conditions) to manage our infrastructure and business activities, and to comply with domestic policies and procedures, including those related to audit, finance, and accounting, billing and collection information systems, data hosting and websites, business continuity and management of reports, documentation and printed copies to take decisions on complaints and we handle your requests and requests, including access or make repairs to your data in order to comply with the applicable law and our legal obligations.
The processing time of your data is also consistent with the purposes of processing and the regulatory requirements for storing accounting and tax information.
Privacy is our priority and we take all necessary and reasonable care to ensure their confidentiality and security. In order to respond to user confidence and demonstrate our dedication, we have adopted well-established and latest security practices and methods applied to transferring personal data from the user's computer to our server, storing them in electronic form and processing them . Any information we collect from the Website is processed and stored in a secure, environmentally-friendly environment. Before transferring the information, the data provided (regardless of their nature and type - personal information, financial information or other) is encrypted and only explicitly authorized employees or engaged processors have access to these personal data in order to fulfill their obligations on providing the services and satisfying your requests as a user of the Website. They all have a duty of confidentiality with respect to the information they are given access to, and if they are in breach of their obligations, they will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary sanctions and will be subject to prosecution if they have committed a crime.

Our adopted practices and methodologies for data protection and information security provide the parameters of the established measures, which are aimed at:
- ensuring the confidentiality of information by applying a system of approved restrictions on access and disclosure of information;
- Ensuring the integrity of information by protecting against unauthorized modification or deletion of information;
- ensuring accessibility of information through reliable and timely access to information;
- Achieving accountability of information - by introducing access control and rights to information systems.

4. Your rights as data subjects
As a subject of personal data, you have the following rights:

equal access to your data - upon request, we will provide you with information about your data being processed;
right to correct your data - if you believe that certain of your data we process are no longer up to date or are incorrect for any other reason, you are entitled to request correction of those data that is being processed;
right to delete your data - You have the right to request the deletion / deletion of the data we process for you and we will honor your request only if we no longer have a legal basis for We process your data. Accordingly, we may also respect your request for deletion / deletion;
right of limitation of processing - you have the opportunity to exercise this right only when you have questioned the accuracy of your data processed, and the limitation of the processing may be limited to the time we are checking the accuracy of your data; when the processing is illegal, but you oppose the deletion of the data; when we no longer need your data for processing purposes but you, as a person of personal data, require them to identify, exercise or protect your legal claims; when you have objected to the processing, and you are expected to verify that the legitimate interests of the controller have an advantage over your interests as a subject of personal data;
Right of data portability - You may ask us to transfer all or part of your data processed to another administrator in a machine-readable format;
right of objection to automated processing of your data against profiling and processing for direct marketing purposes - we give you the opportunity to exercise this right at any time and completely free of charge;
Right to Know of Security Violations - You have the right to be promptly informed of any breach of the security of your data and we will fulfill our obligation in this regard by publishing information on any such violation on the Website as well as sending you information on email when you have provided us and he is correct.
You can exercise all of your rights as a personal data subject by sending us an e-mail via the contact form posted on the Website and using the template of the Rights Form as a data subject posted on the Website.

Given the fact that the Company contacts (establishes relationships) with different categories of persons and on different occasions (including your actual and indirect participation in certain events), then the proper consideration of your application for rights is directly related to the exact identifying on your part the circumstances in which it was necessary for the Company to process your personal data.

Any user of the Website may also be contacted about the collection and processing of personal data and the Personal Data Protection Commission at: Sofia 1592, 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.; www.cpdp.bg. For questions about personal data protection, users can contact us via an email listed in our contact information on the Website.

5. How you can get contact us
You can make contact with us through the contact details posted on the Website.
The Company is not obliged to designate a Data Protection Officer, so for questions about the protection and security of your data, please contact our representative using the contact details posted on the Website.

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