Lovely prints by Froh und Frau

Jelanie-blog-Lovely-prints-by-Froh-und-Frau-1 Jelanie-blog-Lovely-prints-by-Froh-und-Frau-2 Jelanie-blog-Lovely-prints-by-Froh-und-Frau-3 Jelanie-blog-Lovely-prints-by-Froh-und-Frau-4 Jelanie-blog-Lovely-prints-by-Froh-und-Frau-5 Jelanie-blog-Lovely-prints-by-Froh-und-Frau-6Froh und Frau is a Danish design studio based in Aarhus. They create graphic prints and posters. The designs are a mix of simple graphics statements, minimalistic patterns and curious and colourful illustrations.

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