Peter Pan Collar from Ornamelle

Colenimo Spring 2011Colenimo Spring 2011Colenimo Spring 2011Colenimo Spring 2011Colenimo Spring 2011 These days I'm addicted to Peter Pan collar. The fault for this lies only on Ornamelle. Last week she gave me a collar, handmade by her. I can't be thankful enough. Thank you Masha! ❤ Jelanie
(images vía Colenimo and Megan Galante)


  • Posted on by dustjacket

    love the colenimo shots and yes, there is something gorgeous about the peter pan collar!

  • Posted on by Jelanie Shop

    When we were kids we were obligated to wear navy blue uniforms with peter pan collars in my school. Why didn’t I realized back then how cool was that (:

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