Photographer Fabian Björnstjerna

Photographer Fabian Björnstjerna 1 Photographer Fabian Björnstjerna 2 Photographer Fabian Björnstjerna 4Photographer Fabian Björnstjerna 3Valda 0010Photographer Fabian Björnstjerna 5Photographer Fabian Björnstjerna 6favoriter 0056Photographer Fabian Björnstjerna 8Photographer Fabian Björnstjerna 9 Delicious desserts shot by Stockholm based photographer Fabian Björnstjerna. Fabian was born in Stockholm in 1962, and has many years of experience as a professional food photographer, prior to which he learned the trade as assistant to a variety of established photographers in London and Stockholm. With his roots in analogue photography, he is used to fixing the image in the camera; though of course today's technology is an added benefit. With a focus on simplicity and minimalism, Fabian prefers to let his subject speak for itself, without too many tricks or embellishments.
via Agent Bauer

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