Studio Bomba Australia

Studio Bomba Australia 1 Studio Bomba Australia 2 Studio Bomba Australia 3 Studio Bomba Australia 4 Studio Bomba Australia 5 Studio Bomba Australia 6 Studio-Bomba-Australia-7Studio-Bomba-Australia-18 Studio-Bomba-Australia-1619Studio-Bomba-Australia-17Studio Bomba Australia 8 Studio Bomba Australia 9 Studio Bomba Australia 10 Studio Bomba Australia 11 Studio Bomba Australia 12 Studio Bomba Australia 13 Studio Bomba Australia 14 Studio Bomba Australia 15 Studio Bomba was founded in 2006 by Angela Mitchell and Leah Dent and began life as a traditional graphic design studio servicing clients and their brands. However, as Angela and Leah are not the type of gals to stop still or limit their creativity, fingers were soon stuck in other pies. In addition to client work, Bomba began to participate in exhibitions and self-initiated projects were sparked. Acquiring ‘Herbert’ (a 1905 Chandler & Price platen press) in late 2009 was a turning point. What was initially thought to be a giant indulgence for our nerdy letterpress-loving designers, became a viable part of the business. It was the impetus for a stationery line called Mitchell & Dent, which has flourished in Australia and now has an agent in the US. Through Mitchell & Dent, a world of wedding-ness opened. Feeling like fish-out-of-water at a big brash bridal expo in 2010, Bomba wondered if other independent retailers felt the same? The answer turned out to be a resounding ‘yes!’, so First Comes Love was made in 2011 – an alternative fair for people planning pledges with parties, chock full of sweetness and sass and not a stretch Hummer in sight. Wanting to loosen up their lives and find some flexibility, Angela and Leah decided to change Bomba-the-consultancy into Bomba-the-collective. Studio Bomba is now a shared space of independent creatives – working individually or together – depending upon the project, product, brand or event. The Studio Bomba shop opened in late spring 2011 to peddle artwares, stationery and designer knick-knacks from far and near – some as near as the studio and Herb’s home behind the shop. Bomba enjoys opening the doors to meet more like-minded people with an appreciation of designed goods by independent makers. images via Style & focus & By zebra books, found via Pinterest


  • Posted on by Harmony

    Sencillamente perfecta.

  • Posted on by Jelanie Shop

    It makes me wanna go to Australia.

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